SEO Software: No Quick Fix

Today, I read an article about a Michigan firm trying to launch yet another SEO software aimed at boosting rankings of sites. The software’s apparent purpose is to drive an automated link exchange system.

It’s been common knowledge for some time now among SEO professionals that link exchange programs, link farms, and FFA’s (free for all links) are among the practices discouraged by the major search engines. There are countless posts in numerous blogs about site owners who employed link farms, FFA’s, and link exchange programs only to watch their sites disappear from the search engine results. Matt Cutts, Google spokesperson for everything SEO, clearly warns people about automated programs to get links, citing it as one of the first things to look for in terms of bad practices that result in poor rankings or exclusion from Google’s index.

To be sure, the number and value of links pointing to your site is one of about 100 things that Google looks at to determine the value of a site and where it should rank in comparison to others. However, if everything else is not optimized as well, linking is not going to suddenly rocket you to the top of the search engine results.