B2B Search Marketing: Business.com’s 2008 Strategy Guide

Business.com recently released 2008 B2B Search Marketing Strategy Guide: Advice from the Pros, a white paper that cites industry stats and advice from those in the search marketing business who also serve B2B clients. The white paper is free with registration.

Distilled from survey responses from 144 search marketing agencies currently managing B2B client campaigns and insights from Business.com, the Guide includes the following:

    How B2B search marketing differs from B2C (also see our article on the subject)
    Top 10 tips for improving B2B paid search campaigns
    Top 10 tips for B2B SEO
    B2B search marketing strategy checklist

The Guide also includes a B2B search marketing agency directory, including agency services, location and contact information.

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  1. Galen,

    I downloaded that guide on B2B Search Marketing and it provided some goods tips. Although the guide did heavily promote business.com’s own PPC marketing services, which I suppose can be expected, it’s worth the read for business -to-business companies. In all, B2B SEO is an important topic but rarely covered, and thus, I’m glad to have found this blog. I run a few industrial supply directories and the tips have been useful. Thanks.

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